Income Protection.

Income Protection allows you to cover your expenses and maintain your lifestyle if you are unable to work for several months, a year or longer.

Premiums are tax deductible.

According to recent studies, 83% of Australians have car insurance1 , but only 31% have income protection2. What is more important, your ability to drive or your ability to generate an income?

We all know how important a regular income is in maintaining our lifestyle and of those close to us. What really are the chances of having that taken away from us?

What are the Chances?

A car being stolen and not recovered? 1 in 9093
Having to claim on a home &/or contents policy? 1 in 134
Becoming disabled for more than 3 months before age 65 and having no income? 1 in 35
Suffering from cancer before the age of 75? 1 in 3 for men,
1 in 4 for women6

Most people would not think twice about insuring their home and car. However, many have not even considered protecting their most important asset, themselves.

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2 TNS/IFSA Investigating Income Protection Insurance in Australia July 2006
3 Statistics from the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council – 12 months to June 2010.
4 Insurance Statistics Australia June 2010.
5 Calculations based on data of individual disability income insurance sold by Australian life offices, Institute of Actuaries of Australia 2002. Report of the Disability Committee. IA Aust: Sydney.
6 Cancer Institute NSW ‘The Cancer in NSW Incident and Mortality Report’ 2007.
7 This figure is based on a 25 year claim, adjusted for inflation at 3% each year.

Elaine is a 53-year-old high-flying executive earning $370,000 per year.  She is single and has no children.  Three years ago, Elaine started her own consultancy business.  She has her own home valued at $1.5m with a mortgage of $750k.  She also has a share portfolio valued $200,000, with a margin lending debt of $80,000.

Elaine goes for her scheduled mammogram and is diagnosed with early stage breast cancer.  She is unable to work whilst she is having chemotherapy, with the chemotherapy to continue for a period of 6 months.

Elaine is one of the lucky ones.  She was diagnosed early and by having income protection insurance in place, she:

  1. received monthly benefits of up to 75% of her usual salary, which enabled her to keep up with the interest payments on her debts;
  2. was covered for some of her mother’s travel and accommodation expenses, given her mother had travelled from overseas to be with Elaine during her treatment; and
  3. was able to focus on her treatment and recovery, whilst not having to worry about a loss of income during her recuperation.


We uncover the best income protection for you.


    We listen and act when we understand.

    We start by establishing a crystal-clear understanding of your circumstances and identify what is important to you. In this introductory stage, we discover your budgetary guidelines and expenses to establish a clear understanding of the types of cover most suitable for you.


    We uncover the cover best for you.

    We undertake thorough market wide research across all insurers and carry out in-depth policy & contract analysis. All our research takes into account a pre-assessment of any medical & financials issues and includes in-depth premium analysis.

  • 3. ADVICE

    We provide intelligent and expert advice.

    Our advisers will discuss the outcome of the research and an evaluation of the proposed levels of cover. We will provide a Statement of Advice and discuss the best options for you and your circumstances.


    We provide intelligent and expert advice.

    Our dedicated administrators will arrange all paperwork, fast tracking any medical & financial requirements. We have considerable expertise in negotiating medical loadings or exclusions which is a huge benefit to the client at this point in the process.


    We keep you and your cover up-to-date.

    Each year we will review your policy, discuss your levels of cover and make amendments if required. You will receive a summary of schedules and taxation information from us and the insurer year on year.


    We take the worry out of claims

    Our dedicated claims team aims to ensure you receive priority service and peace of mind though the claims process. 24/7 phone and online fast and efficient service including crisis management.