Centrelink/Social Security & Govt. Assistance.

When it comes to planning for your retirement most people in Australia will be looking at utilising some form of social security, generally the age pension.

What most people don’t realise is that they need to be planning for this prior to being eligible. Some things that need to be considered include:

  • should you be sheltering some of your assets from Centrelink;
  • what is the impact of gifting assets to your family; and
  • what can be done to ensure your assets are treated in a more favourable fashion.

Countrywide Advice would be happy to assist you in navigating this complex area and ensuring that your retirement is everything that it can be.


We uncover the best Centrelink/Social Security & Govt. Assistance for you.


    We listen and act when we understand.

    We start by establishing a crystal-clear understanding of your circumstances and identify what is important to you. In this introductory stage, we discover your budgetary guidelines and expenses to establish a clear understanding of the types of cover most suitable for you.


    We uncover the cover best for you.

    We undertake thorough market wide research across all insurers and carry out in-depth policy & contract analysis. All our research takes into account a pre-assessment of any medical & financials issues and includes in-depth premium analysis.

  • 3. ADVICE

    We provide intelligent and expert advice.

    Our advisers will discuss the outcome of the research and an evaluation of the proposed levels of cover. We will provide a Statement of Advice and discuss the best options for you and your circumstances.


    We provide intelligent and expert advice.

    Our dedicated administrators will arrange all paperwork, fast tracking any medical & financial requirements. We have considerable expertise in negotiating medical loadings or exclusions which is a huge benefit to the client at this point in the process.


    We keep you and your cover up-to-date.

    Each year we will review your policy, discuss your levels of cover and make amendments if required. All members receive a summary of schedules and taxation information from Priority Life and their insurer year on year.


    We take the worry out of claims

    Our dedicated claims team aims to ensure you receive priority service and peace of mind though the claims process. 24/7 phone and online fast and efficient service including crisis management.