Superannuation (or super) is a fund specifically designed to help you save
and invest for your retirement.

At a glance

  • Super is one of the most tax-effective ways of saving for retirement.
  • We require super to help us meet our retirement needs.
  • Super allows you to invest in different investment markets.
  • You can apply for insurance in a tax friendly manner.
  • Want to retire with more? The government has provided plenty of incentives for you to contribute to your super and be more comfortable later on.

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  • Do you have more than one Super Fund? We can help you consolidate your funds.
  • If you’re over 55 and have some super already we can help you boost your super savings significantly without cutting back on your lifestyle.
  • Many people put off saving money for their retirement because they have other major commitments. Take advantage of super strategies that can help you pay your living expenses and make a real difference to your super savings.
  • Purchasing life insurance through your super fund means you may be able to take advantage of the government co-contributions rule to cover your insurance premiums.

7 things you need to know about SUPER but were too afraid to ask

  1. What’s so special about Super anyway?
  2. But what is Super?
  3. Where is my Super?
  4. How much are you contributing?
  5. How much should I contribute?
  6. When CAN I get my hands on it?
  7. I’ve been contributing for years, why don’t I have more?

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